What You Can Do

For those marginalized women who with each passing day get sucked into the mire of prostitution, Divine SCRIPT is a solitary beacon lighting the way. We, at Divine SCRIPT society, aim to empower women by exploring her alternate talents.

Production Unit

Most of the women who are in prostitution were forced to resort to this profession just because they did not have any other means of sustenance. Our income generation program devises an alternative means of livelihood for them which not only sustains them, but also allows them to live with their heads held high.

You may help us by
  • Purchasing our products
  • Donating for infrastructural development like machinery
  • Sponsoring specific projects like junk jewellery, paper bags, etc
To get in touch with us you may mail to mahuasr.divinescript@gmail.com

Sponsorship Program

Children are vulnerable when they have to thrive in an environment of exploitation. They have to helplessly watch their mother being subject to physical and mental exploitation by their clients, pimp, police and other stakeholders. They are forced to live in circumstances where violence and exploitation are the key operating words. They are also denied the basic human rights. We arrange for their basic education at reputed educational institutions.

You may help by 
  • Sponsoring a child till 18 years of age
  • Sponsor a child for a year
  • Make a one time donation towards sponsorship
For the above you may mail to mahuasr.divinescript@gmail.com


Shelter is counted upon as one of the basic human rights. However, shelter does not only mean a house. It means some place where you are not only guarded from the elements but also from the harbingers of exploitation. Unfortunately, the children in the red light area are denied proper shelter, owing to the circumstances they live in. We, at Divine SCRIPT society, strive to provide shelter to all those girls who have been a resident of the brothel since birth but have found alternative means of livelihood.

You may help us by
  • Sponsoring their meals for a month/ multiple months
To get in touch with us you may mail to mahuasr.divinescript@gmail.com