What We Do

what-we-do1Based on our surveys, we at DSS (Divine Script Society) have found out that literacy and financial empowerment are the first steps towards liberation from this exploiting bondage of  prostitution.

Divine Script Society starts with the procedure of first identifying the women from both slums and brothels, who are looking for an enabling environment, and help them carve a niche in mainstream society. The Society gives them the choice and option of a dignified life. Then, skill building training is imparted to them. This training prepares them to work in the production unit, where they can produce different products like belts, doormats, photo frames, wristlets, sandals and such items, recycling used cycle tires and tubes.

Divine Script is also working for younger children (aged between 5-18 yrs.) with its sponsorship program through which the children are sent to renowned residential boarding school where they get the opportunity to get educated and grow in mainstream society, in a better atmosphere than in the brothel where violence and exploitation are the key operating words!

In addition, DSS has set up a working girls’ shelter for those teenage girls who have been able to get a dignified job outside the brothel though being a resident of brothel since birth. The shelter’s objective is to provide them with a safe dwelling place because they stand the highest risk of being forced into second generation prostitution.