Sponsorship-11Seldom are people at a more impressionable age than when they are in their childhood. That is why, we at Divine SCRIPT society endeavor to endow the children who live in red light areas and from nearby slums with a better experience than the life of toil and turmoil that become their reality from the very birth. This is where the sponsorship program comes in.

What is the sponsorship program?

Sponsorship-2Children are vulnerable when they have to thrive in an environment of exploitation. They have to helplessly watch their mother being subject to physical and mental exploitation by their clients, pimp, police and other stakeholders. They are forced to live in circumstances where violence and exploitation are the key operating words. They are also denied the basic human rights.

Sponsorship-3We, at Divine SCRIPT society, understand the need to detach these children from this vulnerable environment and rehabilitate them by equipping them with their basic needs and fundamental rights. We help them thrive in an environment founded on education and values and not violence and ignorance. We admit them to reputed residential boarding schools where they can avail of the opportunity to be a member of the mainstream society.

Who are benefitted by this sponsorship program?

Sponsorship-4This sponsorship program benefits those children who are below 18 years of age and live in the red light area. They are the children of those subject to human slavery and trafficking. They are either reared by the victims alone or are orphans. In some cases, their mothers have died of diseases like HIV/AIDS/Tuberculosis. Sometimes they are brought up by traffickers like brothel owners or pimp as a means for future trafficking.

How you can lend a hand?

Sponsorship-5You can sponsor a child by donating to the institution where the child has been admitted to or through our organization.

For details contact: Mahua Sur Ray (president)