ShelterShelter is counted upon as one of the basic human rights. However, shelter does not only mean a house. It means some place where you are not only guarded from the elements but also from the harbingers of exploitation. The children from the marginalized areas or red light areas, are unfortunately, denied proper shelter, owing to the circumstances they live in. We, at divine SCRIPT society, strive to provide shelter to all those girls who have been a resident of the brothel since birth but have found alternative means of livelihood.

Working girls’ shelter – the reason behind this initiative

reason-behind-this-initiativeWe have founded a working girls’ shelter for those girls who have been forced to reside in the brothel or slums ever since their birth but have found occupation in the mainstream society.

With their mother forced into prostitution, they have no alternative but to put up in the same brothel room at night with their mother. Though they may labor under the delusion that it is safe for them, reality has a different story. They are actually more at risk from human trafficking due to their tag as ‘prostitute’s child’ and virginity, which is a lucrative prospect for the stakeholders in human trafficking.

The shelter is an initiative towards safeguarding these adolescent girls belonging to the marginalized community who also face the vulnerability to human trafficking.

How does the shelter benefit the occupants?

  • Our shelter takes care of the safety and security of these girls and provides them with proper nutritional support.

  • This safe place guards them from the clutches of the human traffickers.

  • This place also keeps these girls from being slighted and helps them get inducted into the mainstream society.

  • The shelter is a big step towards making them self reliant and gives a boost to their self esteem.

What you can do?

You too can be a part of the program that helps young girls find a safe shelter. For details, contact :
Mahua  Sur Ray (president)