Production Unit

For those marginalized women who with each passing day get sucked into the mire of prostitution, Divine SCRIPT is a solitary beacon lighting the way. We, at Divine SCRIPT society, aim to empower women by exploring their alternate talents.

What does the production unit do?

Majority of these women who are into prostitution were forced to resort to this profession just because they did not have any other means to support and bring up their children. Our income generation program devises an alternative means of livelihood for them which not only sustains them, but also allows them to live with their heads held high.

This program also helps the women from in and around slums, who wish for a dignified life.

This program allows them to step out of their miserable lives, by dint of an allowance, medical facility and proper nutrition provision. Moreover, the program goes a long way to boost their self-esteem and arms them with a social status.

The production unit provides the trainees with a stipend. After their skills are identified and honed, they are absorbed as employees. Additionally, they are provided with loan sans any interest for a certain time period.

How does the production unit benefit these women ?
  • Production unit imparts dignity to the lives of all those women who have to succumb to violence day and night and afford their basic needs by trading their body.

  • The incorporated skill development program and behavioral program help them to shake off addictions.

  • It provides support to the vulnerable communities as well as the victims by liberating them from the vicious cycle of human trafficking.

  • It develops their expertise in handicraft and allows them to live off their newly developed skills.

  • It improves their social and economic status.

  • It helps them evaluate their existence in and contribution to the society.

What you can do?
Demand for the product is what keeps the production unit going. We, at Divine Script society, are well equipped to comply with a rise in demand. In order to make the process quicker and hitch-free, funds are needed to buy some machinery. You can help in two ways: either contribute to our funds or place orders for the product. You can place an order by sending a requisition. Based on the requisition an invoice will be issued. Post confirmation and advance payment, the product will be delivered on time. You can email us at: Mahua Sur Ray (president)