Our Objectives

Our goal and responsibility at Divine SCRIPT is to empower women belonging to the marginalized sections of the society, who are often forced into prostitution as the only option of livelihood. They withstand  the maximum risks and vulnerability of human trafficking as well. We strive and give them the alternative choice of a life with dignity in manifold ways.
We endeavor to strengthen women economically, so that they can break free of this disrespected and exploiting circle, just to exist in ‘the very society’ that takes from them more than it gives!

Just like any other mother, an additional responsibility that compels them to go on with this exploitation is their children.  

We strive to provide an enabling environment to these children and make them a rightful part of the mainstream society. With the adolescent girls facing the highest risk of being pulled into the trade, our efforts are to offer protection to them from pimps and clients !

Our objectives are …

  • To provide a scope for an alternative livelihood other than prostitution to get rid of exploitation and violence are the only operating words.

  • To stop second generation prostitution by sending children to a mainstream residential hostel till they attain 18 years of age.

  • To provide a safe shelter for the young girls working in diverse fields, who are vulnerable to human trafficking.