Divine Script Products

All Divine Script Products are crafted out of recycled used tyres. This also speaks of the Society’s efforts to contribute to the environment by re-using the tyres which otherwise would add to the bulk of rubber waste. The used and discarded tyres are reprocessed hygienically to make items of utility like picture frames, belts, camera covers, doormats etc. Being made of tough rubber, the products are durable and waterproof.

Check out the assortment of DSS products below:
Other than the dimensions displayed, sizes can be customized as per order


Sizes available:Gents – XL -51”;L- 49”; M-45”; S”-40”; XS-36”-XS; XXS-34”
Ladies- M- 30″;L-31.5″;XL-33″

  • Unlike leather belts, these rubber belts won’t elongate over time.

  • This super strong belt stretches just enough for comfort.

  • This can be a special gift for your stylish friends who care for the environment.

Camera Cover & Mobile Cover

  • This environment friendly product keeps you organized and stylish.

  • This multi-purpose article can be used for storing knick-knacks other than the camera.

  • Durable materials and design make this product last for years to come.


Color- black or silver or black with silver lines Sizes : 9 – 10” x 1.5” & 9 – 10” x .5”
  • Makes a great fashion statement.

  • The cuts and designs are simple, clean and elegant.

Set of tube necklace, earring and wristlet

  • Tube- necklace earring and wristlet

Photo frame
Photo frame 6″*4″-

Color: black
Size: 6”x 4”

  • This innovative and funky frame accentuates any photograph or print.

  • Can serve as an original gift or stylish home accessory.

Doormat 15*25
Doormat 39*24

  • It is an environment-friendly cost-efficient way of keeping the floors clean.

  • They are easy to wash once they get dirty. All you need to do is rinse them off. Once dry, they appear as good as new.

  • They are especially made for heavy duty purpose and can stand up to a beating from boots, heavy equipment and the external elements.